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iTrack Pipette Tracking System

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iTrack is a tablet powered smart pipetting assistant that can reduce stress and error of manual pipetting.

It automatically Detects, Illuminates, and Records handheld pipetting steps on standard 96- / 384-well microplates or strip tubes. Users only need to select plate (96- or 384-well) and pipette (single-, 8-, or 12-channel), and iTrack will take care of the rest. There's no need to input the pipetting protocol, nor pressing any button after each pipetting step. Every pipetting movement is illuminated and recorded automatically.


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Optical sensors detect pipetting locations automatically

  • No need to program pipetting patterns or import protocols
  • No need to press any button after every pipetting step
  • Two sensor scanning layers
    • Higher layer for 96-well microplates & tubes
    • Lower layer for 384-well microplates

Detected pipetting locations are illuminated both under the wells and on the side to guide pipetting

  • Work for both transparent and opaque microplates and tubes
  • Multiple pipetting at the same location are illuminated in different colors and numbers
  • A beep sound after every step to confirm detection

Each pipetting step is recorded in a log file automatically

  • Time and location of each pipetting step is recorded in a text file
  • One log file is created for each pipetting session.
  • The auto recording can be turned off in Preference
  • A detailed record for troubleshooting and quality control

Compatible with common pipettes & microplates (PCR, ELISA, storage …)

  • 96-Well microplate (height < 23.5 mm)
  • 384-Well microplate (height < 11.0 mm, full skirt)
  • 8-tube / 12-tube strips
  • Standard single-, 8-, and 12-channel pipettes (not compatible with adjustable space pipettes)
  • Two included adapters
  • One optional adapter for high-profile strip tubes (0.2 ml)

iTrack is controlled and powered by an included 8-inch Android tablet PC, which can be used as a stand-alone lab tool

  • iTrack can be operated on both plugin and battery power (up to 4 hours) from the tablet.
  • Find lab apps, read ebooks, display protocols, take notes, find products ... all at your lab bench

iTrack Work Flow – Easy to Use

iTrack - smart pipetting