Better QC for Pipetting

Reduce Pipetting Errors with Tablet PC

Manual pipetting on microplates can be stressful and error-prone. A good quality control practice can reduce the error rate and trace any mistake to when, where, and how it happened.

iTrack® Pipette Tracking System uses optical sensors and a tablet PC to detect, illuminate, and record every pipetting step. Using iTrack in ELISA, PCR and other 96/384- well microplate applications can greatly reduce the user stress and errors. Time stamped log files are generated to document every pipetting step for record and troubleshooting.

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Conference Travel Awards

If your lab wants to submit a poster or paper on iTrack application to a major industry conference in North America, Smart Lab Bench can provide a travel award to the author if the poster / paper is accepted. The reward will reimburse the travel expenses to attend the conference, up to $1,200 per award. Please contact us if you are interested in participating:

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